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Coming soon (by March 15, 2010):
The fifth and last volume of the series«Along the Many Paths of God»
entitled «Toward a Planetary Theology»,
edited by Jose M. VIGIL, with the participation of
M. Amaladoss (India), M. Barros (Brasil), A. Brighenti (Brasil), E.K-F. Chia (Malasya), A. Egea (España),
P. F. Knitter (EEUU), D. R. Loy (EEUU), L. Magesa (Tanzania), J. Neusner (EEUU), I.A. Omar (EEUU), T. Okure (Nigeira),
R. Panikkar (India-España), P.C. Phan (Vietnam-EEUU), A. Pieris (Sry Lanka), R. Renshaw (Canadá),
J.A. Robles (Costa Rica), K.L. Seshagiri (EEUU), A.M.L. Soares (Brasil) y F. Teixeira (Brasil).
By Dunamis Publishers, of Montreal, Canada.
See the contents, an "add", the first cover, the cover at full resolution (for printing).


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as appeared in English, in Spanish, in Portuguese or in Italian.

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